Mrs.Bhul Kumari Shahi

Dear all Kolma Bahakot Samaj UK Namaskar, It is very sad to heard that Our Life Member Mrs.Bhul Kumari Shahi has passed away in Aldershot UK at the age of […]

Welcome To Kolma Bahakot

KolmaBahakotSamaj UK based in the United Kingdom was established on 19th January 2007 by the members of surrounding areas of KolmaBahakot for the vertuous of all members residing in United Kingdom. The KolmaBahakotSamaj UK is neither affiliated to kolmaBahakotSamaj, Pokhara, Nepal nor other societies. It is entirely independent and non-profit making society.

Message From President

Kolma Bahakot Samaj UK (Charity Registration Number: 1167520) was officially formed in 2007 in the United Kingdom as a social charitable organization mainly providing financial assistance towards the relief of natural disasters and supporting all aspects of culture and education in Nepal. Since its establishment, Kolma Bahakot Samaj UK has been providing financial assistance to Kolma Higher Secondary School, in Kolma, Syangja, Nepal, and we are currently in the process of building Kolma Community Campus. Read More...

Histroy of Kolma Bahakot Samaj Uk

In September 2006, during the Labour government, Mr Tony Blair (the then Prime Minister of Great Britain) announced that the Gurkhas who served as Her Majesty’s Forces in the British Army have the right to stay or settle in the United Kingdom. Since its announcement, the majority of members (ex-servicemen) arrived here in the United Kingdom on or after 2006 in order to apply for their indefinite leave to remain. Subsequently, the application for indefinite leave to remain was granted to every single ex-serviceman. Read More

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  • To consociate among the closely related confraternity and intertwined relatives of surrounding areas of Kolma Bahakot.
  • To make unity and create comprehensive understanding among the members of KolmaBahakotsamaj UK based in UK.
  • To maintain cooperation, intercommunion, mutually support, integration and helping each other on any cases ultimately.
  • To maintain cooperation, intercommunion, mutually support, integration and helping each other on any cases ultimately.
  • To introduce an importance of volunteer social work for the society.
  • To organise periodic national and international symposia, seminars and cultural programmes and various aspects of our history, life and cultural.
  • An establishment of EMERGENCY FUND (APATIJANAK KOSH) An establishment of focalisation point.
  • To set up a basic principle of fundamental, functional systems and the responsibilities within the society.
  • To unite and associate the members of KolmaBahakotsamaj UK.
  • To organise social events occasionally such as charity events, Summer Outing BBQ (Get Together) and celebration of Lhosar (SoiKain).
  • To preserve the Nepalese mother tongue, by using it any meetings and in publications, and encouraging its use in home.
  • To preserve the cultural and religious norms, dresses and values and traditional sacraments of Nepalese by means of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy.
  • To publish or assist with the publication of Nepalese scriptures a Nepalese dictionary and historical records collected by Nepalese thinkers.
  • To publish regularly cultural and recreational news bulletin or magazine with the objective or publishing the activities or Nepalese residing in the United Kingdom.
  • To carry out such other activities as may be deemed necessary by the Committee Members. The membership fee is £100.00 (Hundred pounds) per person with the valid of a life time. The transaction of any sums from the membership fees will go to the EMERGENCY FUND.